Gate failure causes lake levels to drop

Gate failure causes lake levels to drop CHIDESTER (AGFC) – Last week, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission staff discovered a gate failure in one of two gates that regulates the water levels on Lower White Oak Lake in Ouachita and Nevada counties, between Camden and Prescott.

The lake is divided by Arkansas Highway 347 into an upper lake of 612 acres and a 1,044-acre lower lake. Lower White Oak Lake is one of AGFC's trophy bass-managed lakes.

After discovering the leak, AGFC employees and contractors immediately went to work developing a strategy to stop the flow of water through the control tower.

The leak was stopped by placing a large sheet of metal in front of the discharge pipe. Unfortunately, Lower White Oak Lake fell 14 inches below its normal elevation before the water could be stopped. It is now 11 inches below normal.

During the next few weeks, the AGFC will be working to assess the cause of the gate failure and determine repairs that will be required to renew proper function of the water-control structure.