Pictures of Wednesday's weather keep Region 8 in 'The Loop"

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - While Region 8 News tracked the storms, viewers like you kept us in the loop by sending us pictures and video of the storms and the damage they left behind.

One person sent in a picture of golf ball size hail. But, there were several pictures showing the funnels and rotation in the sky above Region 8.

Omega Williams sent in a picture to "The Loop" of a funnel in Diaz. Williams was not the only person to send in photos of a funnel cloud from that area.

The images tell the story of the round of severe weather that traveled through Region 8 on Wednesday. Fortunately, our area didn't see widespread damage, but images can be found of some of the damage that was done.

You can help us get the picture of what's going on in our area. Log on to and visit "The Loop." From there you can upload your photos or videos to share with others, we could even use them on the air. A link to the photos and videos section of "The Loop" is listed below:

Thank you Region 8 Viewers for once again keeping us and the rest of Region 8 in "The Loop."

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