Oil Trough homes damaged by Wednesday storms

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

OIL TROUGH, AR (KAIT) –Wednesday night's storms brought down power poles and trees and brought out a community to help with the cleanup.

"My son and I were on the front porch here and we heard it coming we were looking through the trees to see where it was at," said Henson.

Wayne Henson's home and property were damaged in Wednesday's storms.

"It was coming right at us so we went in the house and got my mother in law and got her in the bathroom," said Henson.

Henson said the storm lasted about a minute when it was over he took a look outside.

"I didn't know the porch was down until everything kind of settled down," said Henson.

Several trees in the front and back yard were broken into pieces.

"There's probably a dozen chainsaws running here and they're cutting up limbs and dragging up and cleaning up," said Henson.

"We have had people show up they were on the spot no hesitation," said volunteer Mark Winkles.

Winkles is one of many who showed up at Henson's home ready to work.

"It is big for us to lift one another because next time it could be one of us," said Winkles.

Henson said his house has stood here since it was built in the 1800's and will continue to stand after the storm.

"I'm sure it's seen a lot of different storms over the years and it's weathered those it's weathered this and it will probably weather the next one," said Henson.

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