Drug Offenders Get Treatment Instead of Time

Alvin Allen and his wife have lived in this quite neighborhood for ten years, Allen says slapping cuffs on drug offenders may not be enough to keep drugs out.

"If drugs is all they got caught with and they haven't done another crime I think that's good because they do need help."

That help comes in the form of counseling. The Drug Corps Training Committee met today to launch a program, Swapping jail sentences for rehabilitation.

This new program is no cake walk for the offender. Participants in the program will under go three, twelve-week phases which will include drug testing, meetings with counselors, finding a job and getting back into society, if they fail it's back to square one.

Judge David Laser says the old methods simply aren't working.

"Crime and punishment is not solving the drug problem.  The problem is people are going to penitentiaries and not getting well the useful side of this is that we want people to be useful members of society."