ASU board votes to increase tuition again

BEEBE, AR (KAIT) – The Arkansas State Board of Trustees has approved a tuition increase on all ASU campuses for fall 2011.

The meeting was held on the campus of ASU Beebe Thursday.  The vote was unanimous, but board members Dan Pierce and Mike Gibson expressed regret that the measure passed.

ASU President Dr. Charles Welch told Region 8 News the primary reason for the increase is lack of state income.  Dr. Welch says that about half of the ASU budget comes from the state and the other half comes from tuition and fees.

Tuition increases will range from $60 to $204 for a full-time student depending on which ASU campus a student attends.  It will be about a four percent increase across the board, according to Dr. Welch.

However, Dr. Welch does say that even with the increases, there will be no cost of living increases for staff members this year.

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