Collins Theatre to hold music festival

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - The Collins Theater in Paragould is having an Old-Time Music Festival to raise money to support the old theater's operations.

The festival features local performers including Donna Morris who sang back up for Presley on one of his albums says the cast of the show and the ambiance of the theatre brings the hey day of rock and roll back into Region 8.

Morris, "It's a big show. We have about 40 songs. That's a lot of songs to learn and background stuff to remember."

The show coincides with Paragould's class reunions for the classes of 1957 through 1962 . On Friday, Collins Theater President Joe Wessell was hanging decorations at the community center for the reunion party. Wessell says the two remaining shows, tonight and Saturday at 1:30 should be well attended.

Wessell, "We've got several class reunions in town this weekend so we have about 250-300 coming from different class reunions then I open it up to the general public after that."

The money raised from the show goes to support and operate the old theater. The 500 seat auditorium has a feel that musicians love.

Morris, "Just look at the beautiful atmosphere that we get to perform in. It's history and I love that." Morris says the show, now in it's eighth year brings back the Rock and Roll history that was a big part of Northeast Arkansas and the Memphis area. "That early rock and roll. " Morris said;"Is really bringing out people to support the show, even the kids like it. "

Wessell said he hears nothing but compliments about the show. "People that go to it say it's better than anything you'll see at Branson."

Local talent, great music in a great location and a lot of fun.

Morris says the show has to come together quickly because it is so hard to get all the local people together to practice.

Morris, "And tonight's show will be even better because it's our second show. And tomorrow we'll have a matinee so come over tonight and maybe the mistakes we made last night won't be made tonight. "

The show lasts about 2 and a half hours and tickets are Fifteen dollars. Tonight's show starts at 7 and Saturday's show starts at 1:30. To reserve tickets call 870-215-2253.

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