ASU's Nardus Wessels makes All-Collegiate Team

JONESBORO, AR ( is proud to announce its full slate of Men's Collegiate All American teams.
The RUGBYMag staff chose to name an All-Collegiate team of 30 players, which includes American college students attending school overseas, and players from all divisions in US college rugby.
"There are several exceptionally talented players attending college overseas," said Editor-in-Chief Alex Goff. "In the end we chose only one for the All-Collegiate Team, but there's a very good chance we will be picking more in the coming years."
National CPD Champions Cal lead all selections for the All-Collegiate team with ten, including their entire back row.
"We made the selections based on recommendations, scouting reports, statistics, video, and personal observations," said Goff. "We didn't look to spread the selections out geographically. We picked who we felt were the best players. If a player missed a large part of the season due to injury, that hurt his chances, which is a shame. But the competition was enormously fierce. I am sure someone could come up with another selection of 15 players who would be almost as strong. Still, congratulations to all those selected." All-Colllegiate Team
Nardus Wessells (Arkansas State)
Derek Asbun (California)
James Bailes (California)
Danny Barrett (California)
Neil Barrett (California)
James Besser (California)
Mark Bonham (BYU)
Chase Burge (Navy)
Joe Cowley (Life University)
Shaun Davies (BYU)
Cameron Dolan (Life University)
JP Eloff (Davenport University)
Will Farrell (Georgia)
Charlie Grant (Dartmouth)
Ryan Hodson (California)
Will Holder (Army)
Gareth Jones (Temple)
Seamus Kelly (California)
Scott LaValla (Trinity College Dublin)
Tim Maupin (St. Mary's)
Dustin Muhn (California)
Thretton Palamo (Utah)
Chris Parker (Texas A&M)
Don Pati (Utah)
Tom Rooke (California)
Ryan Roundy (BYU)
Blaine Scully (California)
Mikey Su'a (BYU)
Peter Tiberio (Arizona)
Nick Wallace (St. Mary's)