Joel Holloway Murder Trial Closer To Jury

October 9, 2003--Posted at 8:05 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR-- The all-female jury, intensely listening to it's twelfth and last day of witness testimony, heard from the defendant's ex-wife, 21 year old Shelly Holloway, Thursday.

The woman who told the jury she was married to Joel Brian Holloway for a few years, also told them of the couple's crystal meth use. She said their meth use went from a few times a month, to a couple of times a week.

She said her former husband used to say he believed and did, "what the little voices in his head would tell him." She talked about his times of depression that, according to her, often lasted several days. She described him as moody and said he had a tendency to want to be alone.  Shelly also said he, at one time, preached to small church congregations, after attending seminary.

Both sides of the capital murder trial told Judge Victor Hill they were ready to rest their cases, and prepared to present closing arguments.

Jury instructions and closing arguments start Friday morning at the Craighead County Courthouse.

Jonesboro Attorney David Reese is leading the defense team. Prosecutor Brent Davis and Deputy Prosecutor Allen Copelan are representing the state.