Birds Point residents ask what's next?

MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - How will we recover? That's the question families and farmers in Birds Point ask now that the water is on the way down and the clean up begins.

"We feel like we're in limbo," said Brian Dill.

Dill farms 2,000 acres in the spillway area.  His land took quite a hit when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers activated the plan to save other communities from flood waters.

"We feel like the government needs to step up and take care of this," said Dill.

Dill is not alone, the Robinsons' agree.

"It's just awful," said Aretha Robinson. "People won't be able to rebuild. We just won't be able to live here anymore that's the hardest part."

Aretha says she's lived through five floods now.  However, this one was the worst.

"I just didn't think they would do it. I don't know if I can live in my home anymore."

In many spots, water reached the roofs of homes. Robinson's daughter, Debra Tarver also lives in the area.

"It's unrecognizable," said Tarver. "We all want to stay in the Pinhook community if they fix the levee," said Tarver.

We know money from FEMA is on the way to Mississippi County. At the time the Corps activated the levee plan, they said it was necessary to relieve flooding along other parts of the levee system. As for the people in Pinhook - there's a meeting Wednesday night at Boomland in Charleston at 6:30.

They plan to discuss what's next for their community.  They hope the meeting will help bring them some more of the answers they are waiting for.

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