Food bank distributes food early for flood victims

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) – Some flood victims struggling to get back into their homes have another worry taken off their mind.  Wednesday people lined up inside the Pocahontas Community Center to get bags of food.

They started lining up early Wednesday morning waiting their turn to pick up bags of food.  More than 300 bags of food were prepared and over 200 were handed out to those who normally get them and some who don't.

"It's wonderful that they're here to help us.  it has made it easier on us," Terrece Vallance.

Flooding victim Terrece Vallance has never been to one of these food distribution days.

"It takes a big burden off of us, it really does because you wonder what are we going to do and then they start coming in and helping," said Vallance.

Judy Becker said normally to qualify to get food you have to be below the federal guidelines for poverty.

"Some of these people that got hurt are above federal guidelines but it's going to wipe them out," said Becker.

Since so many don't have flood insurance and are paying for repairs out of their pocket that takes money away usually used for other things like food.

"When I first went in my home it was a shock.  I had never been through anything like this," said Vallance.

Becker said two volunteers working the table helping others are also flood victims.

"I had thirty flood victims picking up and that's not counting the volunteers on the table who picked up for some flood victims and themselves," said Becker.

"It's a wonderful community that has pulled together to help us the way they have and it has made it easier it touched me," said Vallance.

Even though so many have lost so much Vallance said she feels lucky and thankful to those around her.

"Think of Joplin Missouri what their loss is.  We didn't have that loss so I feel blessed," said Vallance.

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