Supreme Court Refuses to Lift MO Concealed Gun Law Delay

October 13, 2003.  -- Posted at 11:31 AM CDT

JEFFERSON CITY, MO  --The state Supreme Court has refused to lift a temporary restraining order against Missouri's new concealed guns law.

The decision this morning means Friday's order by St. Louis Circuit Judge Steven Ohmer will remain in effect at least a little while longer.

Ohmer blocked the law from taking effect Saturday because of constitutional concerns. He cited a provision dating to the state's 1875 constitution that said the right to bear arms ``shall not justify the wearing of concealed weapons.''

The new law allows Missourians age 23 and older to receive permits from their county sheriffs to carry concealed guns. First, they must pass criminal background checks and training courses.

Ohmer set a hearing a week from Thursday on whether to impose a permanent injunction against the law.

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