Kids Navigate Through Seven Acre Jack O' Lantern

October 13, 2003 — Posted at 6:11 p.m. CDT

NEWPORT, AR — Laura Hance says her first grade class has been preparing for an amazing field trip.

"...lots of different puzzles that were made up of mazes."

But I don't think her first graders were expecting what they saw."

"The ones on paper are easy and the one here, it's hard."

"He showed us the map and we found out it was a jack-o lantern!"

That's right, a seven acre jack-o lantern. Organizer Jeff Burton says the maze is laid out to be a learning experience.

"They asked us to do something for the kids and the community and it gave kids and people the opportunity to come out and do something on a farm."

Hance says it was tough.

"Every time we got to a post it would ask things like who did Charlie Brown wait for at the pumpkin patch and it would give you a multiple choice to go left or right."

Some of the kids had a little trouble getting out as well.

Burton says this was no alien formation, he and his dad came up with the concept and the hard work is rewarding.

"Seeing the kids light up and the kids get involved in what they're doing and what we're doing it makes all the hardwork that goes into this well worth it."

For more driving directions and more information click on the More On The Web link above to the Corn Field Maze web page.