Demolition begins on 3 apartments in Jonesboro

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) –In Jonesboro crews are cleaning up the city one condemned building at a time.  Last year we showed you several buildings in the city that are on the long list to be torn down.  Thursday morning one came crashing down.  An apartment building in the 1600 block of West Nettleton is the first in a series of buildings coming down in the next few weeks.

"We've been working on this since back last year so it means something to see it coming down," said Jonesboro Chief Building Official Terry Adams.

While it is a relief for those with the city the destruction and removal of the apartments is also important to neighbors.

"I'm very happy.  It's an eyesore long over due," said neighbor Stephanie Anderson.

"The neighbors are the ones who suffer for something like this because it reduces their cost value," said Adams.

It also takes a toll on their safety.

"People were living there after it had been condemned.  I've seen animals in and out of the roof," said Anderson.

"It has been a mess.  You see animals running in and out different kinds of animals like squirrels but mostly cats," said Krystale Estudiloo

Mayor Harold Perrin said it is important to rid the city of condemned buildings that no effort has been made to make repairs for the safety of not only residents but those who pass by them on a regular basis.

"Less than two blocks down the road you've got a major junior high school, Annie Camp Junior High, and these students walked by here everyday," said Perrin.

"It's going to keep the kids safe.  People can't run in and out of the apartments and keep stripping stuff out of them because that's what they were doing," said Adams.

Perrin said in the last year they've torn down 30 homes in the city and that's something they will continue to do.

"It is not just one part of Jonesboro so I want to make sure that we're looking all over Jonesboro," said Perrin.

Even though the sound of the buildings coming down will be heard for the next several weeks neighbors say they look forward to it.

"It's a pleasant memory for me to be created," said Anderson.

The apartments on Nettleton are not all coming down at once.  The remaining buildings will fall in the next few weeks.

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