Working or playing in the sun? Protect yourself from the heat

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – You don't have to stay outside for long to know the heat is unbearable.  While many across are been looking for ways to beat the heat, those who work outside have no escape.

"It's been pretty hot.  We've been building rock walls, building patios," said Dakota Turner. Friday Turner and his co-workers were in the sun as they laid down sod. "Going up and down this hill it can get pretty tough.  You just drink a lot of water and you try to take it kind of slow if you get to feeling too hot," said Turner.

Turner said it can be exhausting to work outside all day especially when the heat from the sun is unrelenting.

"Sun is about it.  It is beating down on you.  Sometimes we can't escape to shade," said Turner.

There are times when he really feels the negative effects of the sun and that can be dangerous.

"You start sweating a lot, you start feeling kind of funny in your head your muscles feel kind of tightening up," said Turner.

"Heat-related illness is not something that you just think about everyday.  You're outside and the symptoms come on so gradual.  You don't really recognize you're getting into trouble until you're in trouble," said Medic One Director of Operations Tim Brickell.

Brickell said the best medicine is to drink lots of fluid, take breaks and stay in the shade when you can.      Since school is out and the weather is great many are taking advantage of the sun and the heat.

"We're going to play in the hose and wash the car later and just try to keep cool," said Callie Randle.

Randle said she doesn't worry about the danger from the sun when she and her son are playing outside.

"Truthfully not so much simply because I think we all have the good sense to know that when we get too hot we can go inside," said Randle.

If you do get too hot, Brickell said there are several things you should do.

"Remove yourself from this heat.  Get into a shaded area where there is plenty of air flow:  fans, air conditioning whatever and cool the body down," said Brickell.

If you have to be outside dress in light colored loose fitting clothing.  Drink plenty of water.  You should avoid drinking things like juice, soft drinks, coffee and other beverages because they won't re-hydrate you like water.  If you're working outside or playing outside take breaks to go into the shade or go inside.

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