Fitness Makes a Fall Comeback

Pam is a thirty-five year old mother of two who started working out three weeks ago.

"At my age it i feel like it's a job that takes work yet it's fun."

Like many Americans her biggest problem is time, but cooler temperatures this time of the year has Pam and others hitting the gym and the trail.

"I do feel better coming in and walking out and knowing that i'm working on my body."

Fitness trainer Chad Harting says seasons do play a part in fitness but they shouldn't if you really want results.

"You don't just want to look good for three to four months out of the year because there are health issues involved with that too, people go up they go down they destroy their metabolism then all of a sudden they can't lose the weight so what we do is put week on week and month on month so all of a sudden they have a healthy lifestyle."

Chad says, "As the holidays come it gets harder and harder to stay on track fitness wise.... you can't expect to eat that pumpkin pie and then come in and work it off, it doesn't work like that."

Harting says exercise and food intake are things to watch for going into winter months being careful to steer clear of sugary and fast foods but not foods that have gotten a bad rap.

"Go for whole grain breads if you're going to have carbohydrates pasta is not the enemy, carbohydrates is not the enemy."

He says exercise and a proper diet are the keys to a healthy body year round."