With school out, Jonesboro Police begin to crackdown on speeders

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) –  The Jonesboro Police Department has recently purchased two mobile radar signs that have a digital reading to let drivers know what the speed limit is and how fast they are driving.

"It's really busy and the cars go real fast," said Jennifer Steimel.

Steimel and her three children live right along Forest Hill Road in Jonesboro.  In the past couple weeks they've seen traffic slow down, thanks to this sign.

"It makes me feel a lot safer with my kids that they're trying to take care of the problem," said Steimel.

Kristin Steimel and her brother Ryan like to car watch and check out the speed on the display as drivers go by.

"In the mid-30's or sometimes up in the mid-40's," said Steimel.

Jennifer Steimel says she tries to keep her kids safe.

"We have a rule at the house they are not allowed to go past the tree back here on the side yard because I'm so afraid of them getting close to that road," said Steimel.

Sergeant Stephen McDaniel with the Jonesboro Police Department said they want to slow people down especially in residential neighborhoods.

"We would like for people to watch out for kids.  We know this is summertime there will be a lot of extra children out especially during the daytime," said Steimel.

He said sometimes drivers don't know what the speed is or don't realize how fast they're going and the new sign is a flashing reminder of each driver's speed.

"Just since the sign has been here we've seen two or three in the last day or so be pulled over," said Jennifer Steimel.

"I think it's good because it helps people to kind of slow down and think about other people," said Kristin Steimel.

The police department also has purchased two portable speed bumps to slow people down.

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