Democrats Going After Gun Vote

October 16, 2003--Posted at 6:05 p.m.

JONESBORO, AR--It's been said that God, guns, and guts are what made this country free and a new gun survey released today shows gun owning voters tend to believe democrats are not on their side.

Gun owners are now a political force to be reckoned with and the new survey by Americans for Gun Safety shows Democrats are coming to grips with the fact gun owning voters see them as the party for strict gun control.

Political analyst Jim Burton says, "U

nfortunately the extreme left of the Democratic party has staked that out as an issue and in doing so they have left behind a lot of middle American Democrats."

And Burton adds, "It's mostly a regional issue, since most southern Democrats are very pro gun owner rights."

Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor says, "The democratic party is a big tent party and there is plenty of room for gun owners, people of faith, and for patriotic Americans.

It's apparent the democratic party now sees the gun owner is a voter they have to go after in 2004. Taking that to heart, the big question facing Democrats is how do they change the perceptions of gun owning voters.

Gun owner Brian Stahl says, "I don't know that you can believe any of them, there's not many of them that do what you believe, once they get into office. 99% of them are going to tell you what you want to hear. None of them have a strong standing on any of it, and the ones that do, only tell you that because they want to get your vote."

Democratic leadership will meet in Atlanta this weekend to devise a strategy to help them go after the firearms, faith, and family vote in 2004.