Heat taking a toll on cars

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – We've all been dealing with the hot temperatures over the past ten days and while we know the effect they have on us they could also be causing damage to your vehicle.  That damage can be caused over time and may not something you will see immediately.

"The summertime is really the busiest time of the year so the heat is really probably worse than the cold for windshields breaking," said Colin Williams with Four Star Liberty Glass.

He said it's not just sitting in the sun that causes damage.

"People will go out and wash their cars and the windshield is hot and the cold water hits it and that breaks it or just the temperature itself," said Williams.

Williams adds turning your air on full blast into your hot car can also cause damage.

"Just like in the wintertime your defrost can break a window the air conditioner can," said Williams. 

It's not just your windshield that can get heat related damage.

"You will see heat cracks or oxidation to tires due to temperature," said Randy Ware with Herren Tire Service.

Heat can also cause damage that could make one of your tires to have a blow out.

"There are instances where tires have failed because of temperature.  It may be due to under inflation and the tire temperature increase," said Ware.

Ware said there are not a lot of car problems that can be caused by heat but your tires are susceptible.
"Higher temperatures and higher road temperatures can have an effect especially on older tires or on under inflated tires or tires that are not as pliable," said Ware.

If you plan on heading out on a road trip for summer vacation make sure you check your tires before you go just to be safe.

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