Jonesboro Police and Fire battle for blood

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The eighth annual Battle of the Badges is back, and the American Red Cross has teamed up with the Jonesboro Police and Fire Department members to encourage local residents to donate blood.

Bob Draper with the American Red Cross Donor Resources says the need for blood is always there. "At summertime when schools are out and businesses aren't able to participate as much as they do in the fall, blood drives like this help us kick off the summer needs. These types of drives help to remind people. Even though we go on vacation or do other things, the need for blood never takes a holiday. We need blood every day of the week."

Paige Van Brook of Walnut Ridge made a special trip to the Battle of the Badges competition. "This is an event that my sister and I do every year. Come to the Battle of the Badges and give blood. I give for the police department and she gives for the fire department. I work for Lawrence County 911 so, we kind of split the difference."

Paige says she feels donating blood is one of the most important things you can do. "Blood is a rare thing and when we have disasters like we had in Joplin, Alabama and even the flood we just recently went through, there is a lot of people that's sick and have car wrecks and emergencies and it's just a good thing to help them. If it was a member of your family you'd want somebody to help them."

The Battle of the Badges is taking place at St. Bernard's Auditorium in Jonesboro from Wednesday at 2pm until 7pm and again on Thursday from 11a until 4p. Donors will also receive a Battle of the Badges t-shirt for donating.

For more information, log onto their website.

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