ASU officials look at future campus housing

By Amanda Hanson - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Officials with Arkansas State University are looking ahead to the future. The popularity for students wanting to live on campus has grown, and now the university is looking to find a way to grow with its student population.

Living on campus is in high demand at Arkansas State University, with many students on a waiting list for housing. And to meet that demand, an official at ASU says they are exploring all of the options available.

As far as campus life goes, Dr. Rick Stripling with ASU Student Affairs says the numbers have boomed over the past several years. "Ten years ago we have some where between 1,300-1,400 people living on campus. now, we're approaching 3,000," said Stripling.

But he says what is driving more and more students to live on campus is simple. "There's a certain amount of convenience that students are saying there's a value to, and their retention of staying on campus is greater," said Stripling. Conveniences such as guaranteed parking, quick campus access, and 24 hour campus police. He says the university wants to explore more options to expand some areas on campus such as housing for non-traditional students, married students, and single parents. But that's not all..."We are also looking at the Greek housing, because the sororities where they're at. They've out grown those areas. They actually have small suites, and we're looking at what we can do to expand that," said Stripling.

Right now it's just a thought that is being brought to the table, but something the university is looking at closely. Stripling says they've already seen the benefits with the efforts that have been made over the years. "Being able to have the international students here, and showing our diversity, and it's created a lot of interest for us," said Stripling.

He says the progress has been great for the University, and sees the future as a bright one. "It shows that the university is moving forward, and with the growth and leadership it's showing that we're a university that's a destination for many students," said Stripling.

Stripling says the process would happen in phases. He says more than likely they'll see where the numbers stand this fall before they really get the ball rolling.

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