Flood clean-up begins at Jacksonport State Park

JACKSONPORT, AR (KAIT) – More than a month ago, much of Jackson County was underwater, including Jacksonport State Park. Now park officials are getting a first look at the damage the flood waters left behind.

Mark Ballard, park superintendent said, "There's a lot of driftwood, there's sand, there's mud everywhere throughout the entire park."

Portions of the park are still covered with water according to Ballard, but it should all be gone within a week.

Ballard said, "All this week we've been down here doing some work and assessing what we need to do, as well as making some minor repairs."

Ballard said there is still a lot of work to be done and they plan to have some help next week.

"The Department of Corrections will bring out their regional maintenance crew which is a great asset to us to have," said Ballard.

With the sand and mud covering everything in sight, Ballard said they will disinfect everything in order to make it safe for visitors.

"Pressure washers working out in the area pressure washing, cleaning picnic tables and campsites," said Ballard.

This time of year the park usually has a lot of campers, but that's not the case now.

Ballard said, "Our goal hopefully is to get it opened by next Friday if at all possible, as far as the campground is concerned."

It's going to be an all summer long clean-up process to get everything back to normal according to Ballard.

"The picnic area, i'd like to get it open by the end of this month," said Ballard.

The portions of the park that remain closed at this time are the picnic area, the campground, the playground and the boat ramp.

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