Lawrence Co Sheriff Department to open new substation

IMBODEN, AR (KAIT) – More police presence will mean more protection for Lawrence county.

Lawrence County Sheriff Jody Dotson said they take a lot of calls out of the Imboden area.  The addition of a substation in the city will give deputies a more immediate reaction time and fewer long drives back to their headquarters.

"We're here for them and this just gives us better coverage and better presence on this side of the county," said Dotson.

Sheriff Jody Dotson said he was approached by the Imboden City Council with the idea and this week he and other volunteers are working to get it ready.

"We're trying to do this as cost effectively as possible without costing the county money," said Dotson.

The cost is a big issue, including the cost of doing business.  Sheriff Dotson said when an officer has to file a report from the western side of the county it's a thirty minute drive back to the sheriff's department.

"We're hoping to save quite a bit of gas money.  Times are tough and the budget is set in stone," said Dotson.

They're also saving money in other ways.  Everything they're using to set up the office was donated by someone else in the county.

"We got a copy machine donated to us, fax machine, printers, computer, all of our office supplies," said Dotson.

Residents say they're happy with the addition.

"I know three officers live here in Imboden but to have that presence here is just going to be more comforting," said Joseph Sharum.

Hopefully soon officers working here can email or fax reports across the county instead of making the drive.

"We will have officers working this side of the county.  They will be constantly in and out of here to do their reports so we're hoping someone will be here quite a bit," said Dotson.

The phone number to the substation is 870-869-1260, and the fax is 870-869-1261.

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