Hot temperatures heat up business for heat & air technicians

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Business is heating up for those who work on air conditioners. Scorching temperatures in the mid-to-upper 90s have taken their toll on many AC units.

To find relief from the heat, an air conditioner can be something of value. And one heat and air technician has been working all hours to make sure it's something his customers don't have to live without.

With his tool bag in hand, Terry Williams leaves his job every day with a since of pride. "You kind of have a good feeling at the end of the day. That we've actually helped someone. We actually got some cold air for somebody," said Williams.

Williams is a service technician at the Stadium Place Apartment Complex and also owns Williams Heating & Air. He says ever since the temperatures heated up, so has business. "When it's above 80 to 95 degrees the equipment gets hot, especially if you have older equipment, it will fail. Parts, motors, fan motors, and compressors will fail," said Williams.

Williams spent Thursday afternoon installing his fifth air conditioning unit at the apartment complex so far. He has been working as hard and fast as he can to help keep people cool. "It's just been extremely difficult to keep up. Sometimes even at ten o'clock at night people are asking us can you still make? Can you still come? Are we still on the list?" said Williams.

Williams says the best way to keep the hot temperatures from getting the best of your cooling system is to keep the unit clean, including the air filter, washing out the condenser coil, and lubricating some of the moving parts in the fan motors. He says it's also not a bad idea to have an annual check up of your system. "It really helps a lot, it cuts down on the maintenance. Keeps the equipment from getting so hot, and wearing so fast," said Williams.

A representative with the Craighead Electric Cooperative Corporation said while the usage is high, they still have not peaked last year's numbers.

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