Burned flag found in veteran's mailbox

DELTONA, FL (Central Florida News 13/ CNN) – A couple in Deltona, FL, found an American flag burned and stuffed inside their mailbox.

"Why in the heck would anybody want to do something like that?" said Phil Van Blaircom. "That's just disgraceful, burning the United States' flag like that.'

The charred wreck is all that is left of the small American flag that Van Blaircom and his wife used to fly over their mailbox. They say someone set it on fire and stuffed it in the mailbox.

The county sheriff is investigating the incident as arson, but the couple has no idea who would do such a thing.

Van Blaircom and his wife say they want everyone who hears this story to fly an American flag on Independence Day and are planning to buy an even bigger flag for the mailbox.

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