Missing child information to get to public more quickly

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) – Losing a child, even for a minute, can be scary for any parent.  Now one Region 8 police department has a new tool that can help reunite moms and dads with their missing children.

When a parent reports their child as missing the police show up and look around and ask questions.  Once they determine the child is in fact missing they get to work searching for the child.  Thanks to a new partnership finding a child will be easier and much faster.

"I was scared.  I was really scared," said Renee Carlton.

Grandmother Renee Carlton said she knows what it feels like to have a missing child.

"My little girl, when she was a baby she ran off and it took me an hour to find her," said Carlton.

Carlton said having a new system in place to help police find missing children will make her feel better.

"What they can do in one minute would take us the two to three hours that are critical in locating this person," said Paragould Police Department Corporal Jack Hailey.

Hailey is excited to have this new tool at their fingertips.

"It is a huge, huge benefit for law enforcement and it's totally free to us," said Hailey.

The system is called "A Child is Missing".

"They will contact this agency 'A Child is Missing' and they will give them the information that they have such as the physical description, clothing description location where this is at," said Hailey.

Hailey said the company uses GPS coordinates of where the child is missing from to determine who to call.

"They will call up to 5,000 different residents they can call 1,000 numbers a minute," said Hailey.

When you answer the phone a pre-recorded message will play with the details about the missing child helping to get the information out much faster.

"There is never going to be where we can get as many of our people on the street looking on the street looking as this is going to do in a small amount of time," said Hailey.

This new tool will not only help the PPD find missing children, but anyone who is reported missing.

"This is just another tool that we've got that's going to make that 100 times easier than it's ever been for us," said Hailey.

Carlton said she is grateful to have extra peace of mind.  She has five grandchildren including three year old Landon and it's easy for them to slip by.

"A blink of the eye and they'll be gone," said Carlton.

The new system will be implemented on June 17th.

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