Jackson County Gospel Fest

October 19, 2003 -- Posted at 9:09 p.m. CDT

NEWPORT, AR — The sounds of heavenly music could be heard in Region 8 today, as Oakdale Country estate (an assisted living facility in Newport) hosted an outdoor gospel concert.

Since 1988 Oakdale Country estate has been a home for several elderly people in Jackson county.

((Norma: Back those years....farming was kind of tough and this was God sent.))

((George: We had kin folks that needed a place to go, and that's really what we started with...aunts...uncles...something like that and then we just started taking in other people and that's the way it's turned out.))

The community at Oakdale is a small one, with only 10 residents, but those who live there say good things come in small packages.

((Jennie: Everybody gets along...I'm just so grateful this place was here for me.))

((Christine: I love this place and the people are so good and sweet and nice and kind to you.))

Oakdale was recently turned over to the next generation of family members and with that turnover has come fresh ideas and some new activities.

((Charlotte: With the fall weather and everything, it prompted us to want to do something outdoors...and we wanted to do something where our residents could be exposed to family and friends and enjoy this time together.))

((Christine: This is real nice.... I like this kind of stuff.))

((Jennie: I find it enjoyable...it's the best home away from home you can imagine.))

In Newport with photojournalist Daniel Westerhold, Melissa Simas, k-8 news.