Greene County suffers wind damage

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - High winds seemed to target Greene County today. Marmadukes' ARI plant had several doors blown out. And other places took hits as well.

As the winds raced out of the North they exploded against several of the ARI buildings.

One of the manufacturing line buildings lost two doors. Another manufacturing building lost one as well and the steel rolling building had another roll up door shredded.

There was other damage in the county as well. On Highway 141 just South of the town of Hooker, a tractor shed had it's roof peeled off and rolled over. Part of the roof  fell along side the shed and the rest flew across the highway just missing a house and landing in the front yard.

Half mile up the road a tree took out a fence that surrounded a pasture with horses. In Hooker itself there was a touch of irony as  the Tin Roof Feed Store had it's tin roof neatly removed.

In the Lafe the power was out as a power company crew worked to replace a broken pole.

Heading East on Highway 34 a yard had trees that were uprooted and broken off during the storm as Shelly Morgan and the people she worked for took shelter.

Morgan said it was pretty intense for a few moments, "Whole bunch of wind and lots of rain and then the lights went out. Lot more wind and then we looked out and we had a lot more trees down, uprooted and limbs scattered in the yard. One tree had a nest of really angry bees with a treasure of honey.

Morgan said they had been watching the weather on TV.

Morgan, "Just out of nowhere it just came. There was nothing on TV just a little bit of warning. We didn't hear a thing but wind until it was over."

In spite of all the flying debris and the possibility of injuries there were none reported in Greene County today.

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