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Wingfield Won't Discuss Firing

October 21, 2003 Posted at 7:17 AM  CDT

Little Rock, AR  --State Treasurer Gus Wingfield refuses to discuss why he fired his chief investment officer.

Sherri Darby had been the treasurer's chief operating officer until she was moved to the new position, and given a raise, July First. She was fired earlier this month. Wingfield had promoted one of his daughters, Valerie Wallace, from investment accounting manager to take Darby's place as chief operating officer.

Wallace got a raise from nearly 56-thousand dollars to more than 73-thousand dollars a year.

Asked why he fired Darby, Wingfield said he would not answer the question.

He pointed out that employees of constitutional officers serve at the will of the office-holder. Wingfield also promoted his other daughter, Margaret Gutierrez, from executive secretary to treasurer assistant in July. She too received a pay raise.

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