100 year old tree falls onto 80 year old house

LEACHVILLE, AR (KAIT) --The area surrounding Leachville also felt nature's blast yesterday afternoon. The strong storm that blew out of the North tore off roofs and snapped trees like chicken bones.

Outside Leachville an aging tree fell on an 80 year old home. The smashed part of the house contained bedrooms. Fortunately nobody was in them at the time of the storm. In fact, the owners of the home weren't even there.

Melvin and Tina McCoy were at their jobs in Blytheville and Osceola when the storm hit. Melvin got home first and called his wife.

Tina, "He called me and said it's really bad. The tree has fallen on the house and the worst part, the old part of the house is gone." Standing in front of the collapsed bedrooms McCoy continued. "When we tried to go into the bedrooms and the ceiling is on the floor and part of the tree has gone through the floor.. Well, our furniture is demolished, it's all gone.

The original part of the house was built about 80 years ago when the area around Leachville was being cleared out for farming land. McCoy showed us pictures of the original house, being shaded by the pecan tree that fell yesterday.

The immediate problem facing the McCoy's was to get the huge tree off their home so they could asses the damage. Ty Hardin of Hardin tree service had his crew sawing away assisted by Melvin using a track hoe from the farm. Hardin says they have had a busy couple of days. Hardin said this tree, owing to its size poses problems to them and the McCoy's.

Hardin, "This is pretty much an extreme deal for them. "Said Hardin, "They didn't lose the whole house but this is still a worse-case scenario. "

In spite of the damage the McCoy's were able to spend Monday night in their home.

Tina McCoy, "We took some tarps and closed up the open areas and strung some extension cords and hooked up some 110 volt air conditioners. We were comfortable."

Will they rebuild? McCoy says she is pretty sure the old part of the house is gone but. "We like this old farm. I hope so. I hope that we can re-build our home right here."

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