Summer class teaches children how to watch children

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - One hospital is working to make sure kids keep themselves and the children they care for safe. A "Safe Sitter Class" is being offered at St. Bernards.

Instructor Libby Nix says St. Bernards staff feel they needed to help prepare children for certain situations. "St. Bernard's invested years ago in safe sitter because so many kids now baby sit. We want to give them the proper tools to be able to baby sit effectively and enjoy it and have a good time at the same time."

Nix says they cover a wide range of areas in the class. "We talk about success on the job, how to be safe in the home, how to entertain the kids. Also, what the rules of babysitting are as far as not using your cell phone and texting all the time. And now days we have problems with that because younger kids have a cell phone. We talk about when to accept and decline a job, how to communicate effectively with their parents and also the potential parents they're going to baby sit for."

They're also given lessons on how to do the Heimlich maneuver or abdominal thrusting in the event of choking and hands free CPR. "This is a summer program we've done for about the past ten years. It's really a unique program that I think St. Bernards offers. It's very organized and informative in many areas."

Nix says the area kids seem the least knowledgeable about is what to charge. "The funny thing is the financial end of it. I don't think they realize how much money they can make babysitting. When I was young and babysat I made probably one dollar an hour and now parents are willing to pay for quality folks. Especially, if they have done this safety class. They're willing to pay top dollar for those people."

Around fifteen children ages 12-15 attended the class on Wednesday. For more information you can call 972-4100 and ask for the Education Department or log onto their website.

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