Cub scouts spend the week at Craighead Forest Park

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-Cub Scout Day Camp took place all week at Craighead Forest Park in Jonesboro.

This camp focuses on boys who have finished first through fourth grade levels in school.

Senior District Executive of the Cherokee District, Kathy Thompson, says the cub scout boys that attend are never bored.

"They get to shoot bebee guns, bows and arrows, behind us is their rocket derby races. Earlier in the week they made their own rockets and today they're getting to race them. We do games. There are some boys playing soccer."

Eleven year old Josh Harrell is a cub scout and member of the Cherokee District.

Josh says he thinks the annual Cub Scout Camp Day is awesome.

"It's really fun out here. We're having a water fun day and racing our rocket ships that we've been working on all week. You have a lot to do."

Kathy says while the boys have a good time, they're also taking away some valuable life lessons.

"Some of the things we emphasize in the boy scouts is character, citizenship, team work. Just being kind to other people and working together to accomplish things. For instance, the rocket races we're doing isn't for competition. Every boy will get a prize."

Ten year old Matthew King has been a part of the cub scouts for several years.

Matthew thinks this is something everyone should participate in.

"I think people should come out and just have fun because it's great exercise and today we get to play in the water."

Kathy says that Cub Scout Camp Day has grown every year and that this growth is a testament to what the boys take away.

"Scouting is a very positive experience for the boys and they all benefit from being involved in scouting. We want to help them build character and have a good time, too."

Around one hundred and thirty-five boys participated in this years Cub Scout Day Camp.

Kathy says this is not the only event they participate in.

She says the cub scouts have things happening year round.

Next is the Fall Cubs Family Camporee.

It will take place next at Crowley's Ridge State Park the first of October.

For more information about boy scouts, log onto their website.

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