Flood victims get mental break from devastation

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT)- Residents in Pocahontas are still trying to get back on track after this year's flood. But today, a church celebration helped to heal. It's the first year for Grace Fellowship Church to put on the Community Pig-Out, and something they say the community needed.

People in Pocahontas will never forget April 2011, when flood waters rushed into town, swept out homes, and took with it a life time of memories. Bill Masiongale was just one of the many affected by high water. "We're in the recovery mode, and now it's time for us to give back to the community," said Masiongale.

Saturday, residents were able to push those worries aside, and enjoy a day away from the everything that's been going on. "It won't heal the hurt and stuff, but I think from what I've been seeing it's very helpful," said Masiongale.

Bruce Wilkerson owns a local business in town, and had nearly 12 inches of water flood his building and warehouses. He says they've spent long hours working to clean up the mess. "Having events like this takes your mind of it, and just lets you forget about some of the bad things that's happened," said Wilkerson.

The celebration was smoking, and there was plenty of burgers, hot dogs, and bar-b-q to go around. There was also live music from the local band Empty Pockets.

Allen Webb is a member a Grace Fellowship Church, and says they had several members that suffered flood damage. "One of them made a comment that they were so tired. After the flood, it just devastated them and they work so hard. So, after they made that comment, we wanted to give them that day of rest," said Webb.

Webb says they decided to name the event the Community Pig-Out, and hopes to make it an annual event that will continue to grow each year.

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