Region 8 families honor dear ole' Dad

Sunday was all about dad and kids over at Craighead Forest Park talked with about what their father means to them.

Tyler was out Sunday enjoying some quality time with his dad at Craighead Forest Park, but it wasn't just any ordinary day. "Today's Father's Day and my dad was wanting to go fishing. He helps me a lot, and helps to put my bait on so I don't get hurt," said Tyler.

But Tyler wasn't the only one who had dedicated the Day to dad. One group had a big family gathering with dads, moms, grandparents, the whole bunch. They hang out by the lake, skipped rocks, and drew pictures.

"We are coming out here with our dads. We ate and we're playing around with our dads," said eleven year-old Katie Hogan, who says there's no man like his daddy. "I drew him some pictures for Father's Day," said Katie

Six year-old Ethan Howard says he and his dad do all kinds of things together. "We go outside play some football. We go in get a drink, and take a nap," said Ethan.

But what made this celebration really unique, was to see three different generations. "Well this is my dad Floyd, and I'm Clayton, and this is my son Ethan. We're the three that kind of look the same. So it's like the tree, the block, and the chip," said Clayton Howard.

While there were several families out celebrating Father's Day. They all had one message they wanted to share with dad.

"Dear Dad, I love you," said Ethan.

"Happy Fathers day and I love him," said Tyler.

"Dad, I love you very much," said Katie.

Father's Day originated in 1909 after a woman named Sonora Dodd came up with the idea.

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