Salem's Alex Sanders wins Buggy Class in 2011 Four Wheeler Top Truck Challenge

LITTLE ROCK ( - Alex Sanders of Salem and his teammate clinched first place in the Buggy Class in the 2011 Four Wheeler Top Truck Challenge, which took place last week in California. Sanders crushed the competition, as he took to the hills in his 2008 Chevrolet buggy during the grueling five-day competition.

Sanders was included in an initial applicant pool of 50 rigs that was compiled from Four Wheeler reader submissions and the magazine's editorial staff then selected the final field.

The Top Truck Challenge was divided into two divisions: the Truck and Buggy classes, with five competitors each. Vehicles included in the Truck class are generally considered to be based off of an existing vehicle, which incorporates part or all of the stock frame and sheet metal. A Buggy is generally considered to be a custom rig that's been completely fabricated by its owner from the ground up.

The event consisted of seven stages of competition: Hill Climb, Obstacle Course, Mud Pit, Frame Twister, Mini Rubicon, Tow Test and Tank Trap. The contestant in each class with the highest aggregate score after completing all stages was crowned the victor.

"Top Truck Challenge once again proved to be a test of world-class 4x4s and expert drivers through an unforgiving curriculum of off-road tasks," said Douglas McColloch, editor of Four Wheeler. "It takes a competitor with keen fabrication skills, the ability to improvise fixes on the fly, a steady hand on the steering wheel, and an unflappable temperament to conquer all the obstacles and take home top honors. Alex was such a competitor, and his Buggy Class win at TTC XIX was well-earned and richly deserved."