Pre-AP courses offered to 5th and 6th graders

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) - Students entering the Blytheville Intermediate School will have new class choices this fall.

Intermediate School Principal David White says the school will offer Pre-AP courses to fifth  graders to challenge and prepare them for any AP courses they may take in seventh and eighth grade and on into high school. The school has previously offered Pre-AP classes to 6th graders.

White said teachers are taking training this summer to prepare them for the new classes--which follow core content areas including literacy, math, science, and history.

White, "What we want to do for students at Blytheville is to make them the most competitive, the most successful students that they can possibly be." White said that taking and passing AP courses in high school can get you college credit even before you graduate, a better shot at better scholarships and open more doors at colleges.

Diane Hay the Gifted & Talented program coordinator for the district says PRE AP classes are for those kids who want more out of education. "They are sitting in the classrooms saying "I get this." Hay says, but then are looking for more than the basics.

Hay, "The Pre-AP is geared toward that, more hands on, more research based, project based. It allows them to learn at their own pace."

Principal White says that teachers who will be instructing the core classes will be taking summer classes to get ready for the Fall.

White, "To teach an AP course a teacher has to go through approved training that is approved by the college board."

Hay said by having both grades at the schools giving the Pre-AP classes it will mean better cooperation between the grades. "The teachers can work together." Hay said. "And collaborate and all be on the same page and have all the kids going in the same direction and having the same choices."

And choices are important for both parents and students. Hay says to parents; "Do you want your child to move on and get the benefit of a Pre-AP course or do you want them to go on with the regular core classes?"

And according to Hay and White the core curriculum will be seeing some big changes in the coming years. The Pre-AP program will help current students when those changes are finally in place.

Registration for the Pre-AP classes and all classes begin the week of August 3rd.

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