A public forum takes place at the East Arkansas Area Agency on Aging

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-A public hearing at the East Arkansas Area Agency on Aging on took place Thursday afternoon.

Staff members went over the agency's four year area plan that is set by the Older Americans Act.

This act requires the agency to project every four years their finances, goals and objectives of what they're going to do over the next four years.

Director of Purchase Services with the East Arkansas Area Agency on Aging says they go over a lot of ground in these meetings.

"It covers everything we do, here, at the agency. From our senior center contracting that we do, as well as our family caregiver programs designed specifically for caregivers to our in home programs where we provide aides that go into homes and provide care to individuals who can't care for themselves."

Melissa says they try to meet the needs of the public and what they want and it is those needs that determine the types of classes they offer.

"We kind of like to say we're well rounded in the fact of we can give you an exercise class or we can come to your home and provide you care or take you to the doctor if you need that."

Melissa says they also discussed a new program they are working on for next year.

"We are planning on, in the fall of next year, providing a health expo that focuses on mental health. And so, we'll be gaining partners within our communities to help us obtain that partnership and do that expo."

Coming up the month of July is a Wii Tournament that will be taking place at the Turtle Creek Mall and some Facebook training sessions for seniors.

For more information about East Arkansas Area Agency on Aging and their programs, log onto their website.

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