Pocahontas neighborhood celebrates flood recovery

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT)- Nearly two months ago, flood waters devastated several homes in the Robil Addition in Pocahontas. Saturday, residents came together for a neighborhood cookout to celebrate how far they've come.

There was one thought in the resident's minds..."they survived." While the flood waters damaged their homes, they say the neighborhood has never been so close. "You see your neighbors. You know who lives on your street, but you don't really get to know each other. You don't talk. You don't visit. Nobody has time to do that anymore," said Cyndi Barr, who lives on Douglas Street in the Robil addition, one of the hardest hit areas during the this year's flood.

"When we first got back in the floors were still squishy. It was kind of scary to walk on it. And the smell, the whole neighborhood, it was terrible," said Barr.

But while the flooding left several homes severely damaged, Barr says without even realizing it, the neighborhood bonded together. "You began to see each other everyday. You started to travel in the same circles. You were going to fill out forms, different types of assistance, and you would talk," said Barr.

Resident David Webb says neighbors became support systems. "The first one who could laugh about it helped us all. The first one who could get through the tears first was our hero, because we started looking to them for another smile or another laugh and it helped us," said Webb.

And with the neighborhood all dealing with the same loss, they were the ones he says you could turn to if you just needed to get your emotions off your chest. "One of the biggest things people need is someone to listen," said Webb.

And even though the cost of the flood was high, seeing the joy and laughter shared between a neighborhood who's gone through the so much was priceless.

"We needed this growth because we've always appreciated our neighbors we've never know them, but I can see how God had got some glory out of it," said Webb.

"We're going to keep doing this. We're going to keep getting together on a regular basis. So we continue to know each other and know if anyone needs something. If someone needs help we're going to help each other," said Barr.

Saturday's cookout was made possible by an anonymous donation to the Sheriff's Office. Residents say the neighborhood will bounce back and be even better and stronger than it was before.

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