Bootlegger caught with 100 cases of beer and hard liquor

BATESVILLE, AR (KAIT) – A Batesville bootlegger is now behind bars after the Independence County Sheriff's Department raided her home Friday.  In the bust officers confiscated 100 cases of beer and other liquor.

In addition to more than one hundred cases of beer they also found 18 bottles of hard liquor when sheriff's deputies made the raid.  32-year-old Juana Patricia Bamac Perez was arrested and charged with possession of alcohol for sale or barter in a dry area.  Sheriff Steve Jeffery said the investigation into Perez started about three weeks ago. 

"Usually when we make a raid on a bootlegger we might get 20 cases this was a very large very large bust," said Jeffery.

Sheriff Jeffery said Perez is an illegal immigrant and is being picked up Tuesday by Immigration and Custom Enforcement officers.

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