Fireworks booth destroyed by wind, merchandise ruined

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) – This time of year we see fireworks stands on just about every corner.  For one company, strong winds and heavy rain have dampened their 4th of July spirit.  The two employees at Uncle Sam's Fireworks were caught off guard Tuesday morning from their post in Pocahontas when the storm hit.  Fireworks got wet, a hole ripped through the tent and then collapsed making for a very long day.

Tuesday morning Landon Scott and co-worker Dustin Simpkins were sleeping in this tent when they saw a very different type of fireworks light up the sky.

"We woke up to it sprinkling a little bit and then the next fifteen minutes it went from pretty bad to even worse," said Scott.

Scott said they weren't prepared for the bad weather and when it hit they had to act fast.

"At first just some rain came in and it was washing up under the tables.  We had to put some fireworks up on some boxes to keep them from getting wet and then the wind started blowing and it was horrible," said Scott.

They worked to protect their merchandise from the storm but with the storm collapsing the tent all around them they had to protect themselves.

"We were trying to keep as much rain out as we could but then we just figured that it was a lost cause and we better get the heck out of there," said Scott.

When it was all said and done thousands of dollars in fireworks had been destroyed by Mother Nature.

"We knew it was bad but we didn't know how bad it was.  When we saw it had pretty much ruined all the fireworks we knew it was a big deal," said Scott.

They were able to stack a lot of the fireworks up on the tables in the tent but that didn't stop water from drenching almost everything.  The wind and rain scattered the fireworks all across the parking lot and ripped a hole in the tent.

A lot of the fire works disintegrated when they got wet.  But they are throwing away many of the other fireworks that aren't as visibly damaged because of what could happen.

Scott said while it was scary for them when it was all happening, seeing all of the fireworks lying around that are too damaged for repair makes him sad.

"You think those could have put a show on for somebody and now they're just ruined," said Scott.

Tuesday afternoon volunteers showed up to help clear away all of the damaged fireworks and get the site ready for the new shipment.  They didn't lose all of the fireworks that were in the tent but aren't taking any chances with safety.  They hope to be back open for business by Tuesday night.

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