How to dispose of storm debris

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - With the frequency of storms that come through our area; What do you do with all the limbs?

Heavy winds and rain can leave your yard littered with debris or even knock down a whole tree. Once you get it cleaned up where do you take the pile of stuff? There are options for Jonesboro residents.

One option is you can haul it to the Strawfloor drop off site.

Jonesboro Sanitation Director Royce Leonard said that this is the primary location for dumping smaller yard waste.

Leonard, "We take the limbs and bagged yard waste at 1624 Strawfloor Road. We can take anything up to 8 to 10 inches if it's cut in to 2 to 4 foot lengths we can take those."

That material is piled up, loaded up and hauled off to the incinerator in Jonesboro. But big stuff needs to go elsewhere.

Legacy Landfill  Deputy Director Angela Sparks pointed to the huge dirt mountain, "Trees, tree limbs, stumps, any of the large items come out here to Legacy Landfill."

If you don't have access to a pickup or a trailer, you can put the stuff in your front yard. The city has a 5 month rotation that they'll come around and pick the stuff up.

The rotation is based on your trash pick up day.

Leonard, "We're just completing Friday's route this month in June. So Monday's route will be started the first of July."

If you're going to leave a pile  in your front yard pay attention to where the pile is located. The knuckle truck is pretty limber but low hanging phone or cable lines can get hung up in debris and broken, which will not make your neighbors happy at all.

If you are a Jonesboro resident, it doesn't cost you to haul trees and limbs to Legacy. However if you throw a blown down fence on top of your vegetative waste or live out of town, bring your checkbook.

Sparks, "If you bring less than 600 pounds The total ticket will be 9 Dollars and 37 cents with sales tax. If it's over 600 pounds it's pro-rated at $29.25 a ton plus sales tax."

The Strawfloor landfill is open from 7 to 7 Monday through Friday and till One on Saturday. The Legacy Landfill is open from 8 to 4 Monday through Friday and from 8 until Noon on Saturday.

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