Region 8 woman's journey through pregnancy loss

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Michele Bachmann is one of the GOP contenders and she got personal at a recent town hall meeting, sharing her struggle with a past miscarriage.

Silence is all that could be head from the crowd during the emotional speech. Silent suffering is usually the result when it comes to this kind of loss, said Erika O'Guinn, a Region 8 mother who also lost an unborn child.

Erika found her healing by sharing her story online, "If I can help someone else through their journey of loss than it doesn't seem like it didn't happened for no reason."

She says the web site, 'I am the Face' has been a great support for her and countless other women as they navigate this very difficult path.

Another great local resource she suggests is NEA Baptist's Charitable Foundation's Share Hope.

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