Families celebrate the 4th of July

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Monday we celebrated out nation's birthday. Across Region 8 people honored our independence, we talked with some of them at Craighead Forest Park, about what freedom meant to them.

Derek Alvord and his son Drake spent some quality time together this the Forth of July, manning the fishing poles at Craighead Forest Park. "We thought we'd come out. It's a beautiful day," said Alvord. Even though Drake is still young his Dad says he's already teaching his son what this celebration of freedom is all about. "He's getting the drift of it right now. It means a lot to everybody I think. You it was our Independence, and it's something to celebrate," said Alvord.

But they weren't the only ones letting their patriotism flag fly high. Many were decked out in the stars and strips, symbolizing their pride for this great nation. "I didn't even know I had this but it worked out for today," said Kellie Russell.

Cindi Gathright says coming out the park is part of her family's Forth of July tradition. "We always come out to the forest and bar-b-q, hang out with the family and just have fun," said Gathright.

Families grilled up hamburgers, hot dogs, the works. Even the geese didn't go home hungry. But as families come together for picnics, patriotic parades, and fireworks, they'll never forget what this nation was founded on.

"It just reminds me everyday that just being able to say what I want and do what I want basically," said Kimberly Angell.

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