Jonesboro Generators may Help Iraqis

October 30, 2003  -- Posted at 7:17 AM CDT

JONESBORO, AR  --Both Jonesboro residents and Iraqis could benefit from a deal being proposed by General Electric.

G-E is offering to replace two gas-powered generators with a newer one that would boost power capacity. The older generators would be sent to aid reconstruction in Iraq.

Ron Bowen, general manager for City Water and Light, says G-E called him about the exchange, which would give the city utility a more efficient generator and a net increase in power capacity.

G-E says the utility will have to make a decision soon because of the urgency to rebuild Iraq.

The utility board has authorized management to pursue the trade if it is in the best interest of ratepayers, and Bowen says the utility and G-E are in the process of collecting more information from each other.

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