Firemen rally to save children's shelter

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-The staff at the Lawrence County Children's Shelter in Walnut Ridge recently announced they may soon have to close the shelter's doors.

As a result, the Walnut Ridge and Hoxie Fire Departments have joined forces.

July 8th they will be cooking Boston butts to sell to the public.

Hoxie Fire Chief Mark Vanbrook says this was something they felt they needed to do.

"The children's shelter is a big benefit to Lawrence County and the surrounding counties and it takes a lot of funds, donations and volunteerism in order for the shelter to operate. We're just trying to do our part to help out."

Vanbrook says he's seen first hand the help they provide children.

"I think they do wonderful things with the kids down there. It's not just a place for them to stay. It's a place for them to call home."

Administrator of the Lawrence County Children's Shelter, Lisa Hufstedler, says many people don't realize what all they actually do for the children staying with them.

"We have to be there for emotional support. We're not just caretakers for these kids, but emotional support. For these kids that do not get visits or they've never had food, we're jut there for these kids and we provide all their needs."

Hufstadler says they also help more than just the children of Lawrence County.

"We have served three hundred and forty-one children from twenty-four counties in the state of Arkansas. These kids come to us when there is an immediate need for food, clothing or shelter."

Vanbrook says there's more than one reason to order one of their Boston butts.

"It's a good Boston butt! We have people participating in this, cooking those Boston butts that have a lot of experience. Not only eating, but cooking them! You get a good, quality meal for a fair, inexpensive price and the best part of all is you get to help kids."

To order a Boston butt you can call the Hoxie Fire Department at 870-886-5722 or the Walnut Ridge Fire Department at 870-886-6631.

Vanbrook says you can pick up your order as early as noon on Saturday at both fire departments and at the city hall in Portia.

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