A fallen officer is honored

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-Trumann city officials and residents gathered together on Wednesday to honor one of their own fallen heroes.

The family and friends of Officer Jonathan Schmidt listened to Trumann Police Chief Tony Rusher read a proclamation to them sent from Governor Bebee's office.

Chief Rusher also presented the family with a plaque he had made.

Father Donald Schmidt says it's something they'll always keep.

"Obviously, it means a lot to us. Chief Tony Rusher put a lot of this together. I just learned moments ago that the words on the plaques are actually composed by him. So, that means a lot to us."

Donald says his son was someone who loved his job, friends and community.

"He never was one to look for honors or stuff like that. He just loved what he was doing, like when he saved that little child's life. He called us up that morning and told us what happened and he was tickled to death that he was able to save that little kids life."

Chief of Police, Tony Rusher, says he's honored to be able to let the family know what their son has meant to him and the police department he represents.

"It means a lot to let them know that this town, this department and this country won't forget him. We won't forget the sacrifice that was made."

Donald says he and his family are taking things day by day.

"He was a fun loving son. He was always the one that was the jokester. On holidays he was the one who always kept the crowd going and laughing. And we miss that."

More than anything, Donald says they want people to realize the sacrifice others are making to keep their friends and neighbors safe.

"Our police officers are under attack all across America. If you don't believe me go to officer down dot com and look it up and look at how many officers were killed in the line of duty just this year alone."

Chief Rusher had three duplicate plaques made.

One went to Officer Schmidt's family, one to his widow and one to hang in the Trumann Police Department.

The American Hall of Fame out of Tipton, Florida also sent Chief Rusher a flag and medals for the family.

For more information about the Trumann Police Department, log onto their website.

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