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Undated-AP -- Baby Boomers can't seem to grow up, at least when comes to their taste in candy. The Woodstock Candy company in upstate New York is doing a booming business, catering to the boomers' sweet-tooth. They have retro goodies like wax lips, candy cigarettes and those candy buttons on paper. But the company is up-to-date in marketing. Boomers can buy their sugar fix from the www-dot-woodstockcandy-dot-com Web site. There's also a bow to the political correctness of the 21st century. Candy cigarettes are now called candy sticks. But some old-time favorites still provide a puff of sugar when you blow through a hole in the middle.


(Panama City, Florida-AP) -- Porn star and ex-California gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey is drawing attention again. But not because she's running for office. A Florida prosecutor charges that a strip club ad for a Carey appearance violates a court agreement. Carey is featured in a full-page ad for the Show N Tail club. Bay County Attorney Mike Burke says the newspaper ad violates a 1999 federal court settlement. That agreement restricts the club and three others to advertisements no larger than a-quarter page and bars pictures. Burke says he'll ask county commissioners next week if they want to seek a contempt of court finding over the Carey ad.


(Indianapolis-AP) -- New (m) millionaire Regina Mandabach knows where some of her fortune is going -- if her kids get their way. The single mom is the holder of a Powerball ticket worth more than 95 (m) million dollars. Mandabach says her two kids have already asked for a mountain bike and a mo-ped. Mandabach is promising to share her instant wealth with the rest of the family. The Washington, Indiana, woman says she's always promised that if she won the lottery no one in her family have to worry about money again. Mandabach has elected to take the cash option, meaning her share of the jackpot will be nearly 50 (m) million dollars.


(Washington-AP) -- Parking tickets are about to become an international incident. But these scofflaws aren't your ordinary deadbeats, they're foreign diplomats. Some in the diplomatic corps owe the city of Washington thousands of dollars in unpaid parking fines. Now, the Senate is applying pressure for them to pay-up. The Senate has passed legislation that would withhold some foreign aid from countries whose diplomats ignore the citations under their windshield wipers. The unpaid fines in D-C aren't exactly small change. The embassies of Cameroon and Saudi Arabia owe more than eleven-thousand dollars each. Other countries have racked up bills of a grand or more, too.


(Columbus, Indiana-AP) -- Honesty is paying off for a homeless man. Dana Hughes was walking through Columbus, Indiana, on October 17th when he found nearly two-grand stuffed in a bank envelope. Even though he only had 25 cents in his pocket, Hughes says he never considered keeping all that dough. Tuesday was the deadline to claim the cash. When no one came forward, the county treasurer gave the money to Hughes. Hughes was at his sister's home in Oklahoma when we got the news about his good fortune. Hughes says he'll use some of the cash to pay back a restaurant owner, who gave him money for bus fare.


(Denver-AP) -- Looking for a guy? Buy some skis. The latest Census Bureau figures show bachelors outnumber bachelorettes by as much as two-to-one in some Colorado ski towns. But the pickings might not be as good as they seem. Copper Mountain spokeswoman Beth Jahnigen says some ski guys are a little challenged in the personal hygiene area. She also writes in Ski Press U-S-A that too many men in ski towns pay more attention to gear than gals. Florist Daniela Standley agrees they might not be the best catch. She says the majority of single men either are noncommittal, drink too much, or do drugs.

by Jamie Friar

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