Kids are helping kids

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Fifty volunteers from two youth groups traveled to Region 8 on Tuesday. One group was from Alton, Illinois and the other from Kentucky.

These young adults decided they wanted to spend part of their summer break helping the children living at the Children's Home in Paragould.

Director of Public Relations at the Children's Home in Paragould, Terry Austin says the kids have been working hard all week long. "We put some of our kids from Children's Homes in with them and divided them up into different teams. They've all attacked about five different, big projects here on campus. They've worked really hard. We've had to work around the rain. I know Ryan Vaughn delivered some rain for the farmers, but he really messed us up! No, it's been great. They have worked tirelessly for us."

Terry says the volunteers really take away a lot from the experience. "Some of the kids have said what we've done here is gonna be here fifteen or twenty years from now. And kids who come to Children's Homes from disadvantaged backgrounds, they're going to be able to enjoy those things. They're going to get to climb on the playground or enjoy a prettier campus because someone came in 2011 and worked this hard for them."

Terry says it also means a lot to the kids living at the home. "These kids are coming in and blessing the lives of the kids who live here. Our kids are blessing these guys lives, as well. Everybody sees things from a different perspective and that's what bringing together three different groups can accomplish."

Kids like fourteen year old Lauren says volunteering is something everyone should do. "When you volunteer you help make improvements in people's lives. It's like when you smile at somebody that you don't know. That may brighten their day if they're having a really bad day, just to have somebody smile at them. If you volunteer for somebody it'll make them feel better and they'll say there are good people in the world."

They assembled four pieces of playground equipment, built a small pavilion, a large flower bed project, along with some general clean up and fence repair.

Fourteen year old Brandon Hartley with Von Hill Church of Christ in Alton, Illinois volunteered for the second time this year.

Brandon says he has a great time when he gets to help others, "I think it's a great opportunity to help out these kids who need these things. I think others should volunteer because it's a great experience."

Thirteen year old Cameron Galloway is one of the volunteers from the Glendale Road Church of Christ in Kentucky.

He volunteered for the first time this year and acts like he may come back next year to help out again, "When other people are happy it makes me feel happy."

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