Vandalism hits ASU Newport Campus

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) - Vandals reek havoc on the ASU Newport campus leaving behind broken windows, doors, and lights. Campus officials don't why anyone would do something like this, but are now left to clean up the mess.

Around 3 a.m. Friday morning, Newport Police officers stumbled on the damage during a routine patrol. The mess left behind is expected to cost the university a pretty penny.

"It's just sad that any time you have a vandalism incident like this, that it even has to occur," said ASU Newport Chancellor Larry Williams. Glass remnants in the flower beds is just a small reminder of what happened at ASU Newport over night. Now, Plywood covers doors and windows where glass used to be. It's a sight ASU Newport Chancellor Larry Williams is not accustom to.

"This is the first vandalism incident we've had here in nine years. We found a piece of the concrete block that was laying inside the building, and then on the door you can see where the vandals attempted to break it out. You can actually see the imprint of the brick," said Williams.

The vandals managed to break out a large window in between the two front doors of the Creative Arts Building, along with a glass door on the side of the building, and then damaged two of the signage lights at the entrance of campus. Damages are expected to cost the university around 4-thousand dollar to repair. While there were security cameras inside the building, Williams says they were unable to identify the culprits. "They only showed the glass imploding into the building. So evidently whoever did the vandalizing to the exterior had no real desire to enter the building," said Williams.

Nothing appeared to be taken from the building, but the University is taking steps to keep vandals out. "The Campus Police Department and our Newport Police Department have been working together today to put in place a plan where there will be more continues observation of the campus and more frequent patrols," said Williams.

Williams says they are also looking into adding additional cameras around campus to deter criminals and as well as a tool if something like this were to happen again.