Volunteers give pet shelters the help they need

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-Volunteers spent their Monday helping man's best friend.

Participants with Make a Difference Monday journeyed to Jonesboro's Animal Control and Humane Society. All day long people cleaned, walked dogs, fed animals and gave them some much needed love.

Stephanie Lewallen is a Career Counselor for Arkansas Northeastern College. She says she and her daughters volunteer every year.

"Even if it's just one day out of the year. I think it can make a little bit of a difference and it can get more people out here and just get awareness for this facility and how people can help."

Fifteen year old Regan Roberts says she enjoys helping out at the Animal Control, "I just love animals and it feels like we make a difference in this one day by walking, washing and just playing with them and getting exercise."

Stephanie says she feels it's important for people to be a part of and actively participate in their community.

"I want to teach my girls that it's important to give back. Especially during the summer. They don't have very many opportunities to volunteer and to do things like they would normally do during the school year with school groups. So, I think it's important during the summer to let them remember that they can make a difference and even at their age. It doesn't cost any money, just a little bit of your time."

Stephanie says she and her husband were a little leery about volunteering at first because they just didn't know where to start.

"Just get out and do it. That was our hesitation, at first. We weren't sure where to go to volunteer, but everyone has a web page now. Just do an Internet search. There are tons of organizations out there that could use your help."

Make a Difference Monday is a part of the Woman's Discovery Center.

For more information about Make a Difference Monday, log onto their website.

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