Woman severely beaten outside club, suspect still loose

Surveillance Image (SOURCE: White River Country Club)
Surveillance Image (SOURCE: White River Country Club)

INDEPENDENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) – Detectives with the Independence County Sheriff's Office are investigating the beating of a 22-year-old woman Saturday night into Sunday morning.

According to Detective Sgt. Mike Mundy, lead investigator in the case, 22-year-old Andrea Davis was spending her birthday with friends at White River Country Club in Batesville Southside. According to Mundy, a member of the band found Davis near the back door of the building semi-conscious. Mundy said she was transported to a hospital in Batesville before being sent to Little Rock by helicopter.

"She was at the country club. She was signed into the country club. She was with some friends. She was celebrating her birthday a day or two in advance, and when the band started breaking up, one of the band members found her. He came back inside, called for help and he and his wife started administering aid. His wife is a nurse and they were able to start administering aid immediately," said Mundy.

According to Mundy, police were called to the scene at approximately 2:40 Sunday morning. Justin Laymons, manager of the White River Country Club, said Davis was last seen on surveillance camera at 2:15 leaving the building. Police believe she was beaten shortly after leaving the building.

"It was determined at that point in time that she had been attacked by an unknown number of attackers or who it is at this point in time. She was severely beaten on the head and shoulders as well as the back," said Mundy.

Mundy said there was no visual evidence Davis was beaten on the country club's property. He also said there were no surveillance cameras where she was found.

A prayer page for Davis has been set up on Facebook

Laymons said he was shocked to hear one of his customers was beaten. He said he's told his employees to be cautious when outdoors after business hours. Laymons said he's hopeful police catch the person or persons responsible.

As of Tuesday night, Mundy said Davis is in good condition at the hospital. She has also been taken off a breathing tube and is breathing on her own.

"It sickened me to see another human being in that kind of shape. It would rate as one of the worst beating I've seen," said Mundy. "I was unable to recognize who it was when I first went into the hospital."

Attempts to reach Andrea's father Tuesday were unsuccessful.

"We have already started interviewing people. We spoke with family. We try to stay in touch with the family. She was air-lifted from our hospital to Little Rock," said Mundy, who confirmed the person responsible would face battery charges if arrested. "We've got a list of them (witnesses), as many as we could find out that were there. We are asking that if there are any others, that you know may have been there that night, give us a call and let us know. We'd just like to talk to them."

Mundy said if residents have any information that could lead to an arrest and conviction; they are urged to contact the Independence County Sheriff's Office at 870-793-8848. Mundy said he'll speak with Davis as soon he can clear it with doctors.

"We're just trying to gather the information to find out what may have been the cause and who it was that did it," said Mundy. "On a case like this, you want to get on it as fast and hard as you can. For one thing we want to bring whoever did this to justice, and another thing, we want to make sure it doesn't happen to someone else."

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